If  you are a creator who takes risks, and are not afraid to move the dial, The New Cinema Film & Music Festival  is for you. We recognize that true talent pushes past barriers and obstacles such as race, culture, orientation and economics. Growth is about advancing and pushing the envelope past the comfort zone by utilizing new and better technology, which translates into into new cinema, new word and new film worlds .
     The New Cinema Film & Music Festival is a music, film, and written word competition that has joined the AOF Megafest, a family of 20 world-wide festivals which is now in its 16th SUCCESSFUL SEASON

*ATTENTION: Based on recent global events, many of our vendors and partners CAN NOT Guarantee that their business or service will be available to us based in circumstances beyond their control. State and Federal mandates may prohibit them from offering their services.
In response to these developments the AOF MEGAFEST events will offer an Online Event from August 28 - September 1, 2020 and our Live Event in Las Vegas from September 2 to September 6, 2020. Should Vendors, Federal and or State leaders close locations and vendors at that time, the ENTIRE AOF Megafest Program will be held Online. Thank you!

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