'As an award winning artist in a number of industries, I know just how difficult it can be to break in to any business or creative endeavor that will allow people to showcase their talents.  So, I urge everyone to move beyond what limits they think exist.  One way to do this is to come out of the shadows, without fear or hesitation to reach your goals.

     I've been working with youth, adults and older generations for years in community  outreach and social programs but now it is time to move into an arena where we can assist tens of thousands of folks over the coming years.

     While my team of partners and I have been working on this for years; the opportunity arose after we had a chance to visit Las Vegas and the AOF Megafest.  And now we want to offer the same opportunity to all of you.  

     We are independent, we are ready and we're waiting to honor those folks that just don't seem to get an even shake."


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