The New Cinema Film & Music Festival is a music, film, and written word competition.  The first annual TNCFMF has joined the AOF MegaFest Family which is in its 16th year.

If  you are a creator who takes risks, and are not afraid to move the dial, The New Cinema Film & Music Festival  is for you. We recognize that true talent pushes past barriers and obstacles such as race, culture, orientation and economics. Growth is about advancing and pushing the envelope past the comfort zone by utilizing new and better technology ,which translates into into new cinema, new word and new film worlds TNCFMF embraces films made at all budgets and with all technology. Whether you are using an Iphone, to $20,000 8K Reds, we want to see it. Show us what you are made of by sharing what you have made. Whether you are from Bed Stuy, the Hamptons, Compton or Beverly Hills-Be Proud or Where You Are From, Because We Are.

The New Cinema Film & Music Festival  accepts all genres in film, music and written word.  We want to celebrate your talent. Whether you are the new next YouTube star, Instagram influencer,Vimeo giant, Blogger/Vlogger  or MTV sensation you have a home at TNCMFF.  The New Cinema Music & Film Festival will offer support for our submitted writers, musicians, and filmmakers throughout the festival and beyond. TNCFMF will help connect you to distributors, influencers, and industry professionals. 

The New Cinema Film & Music Festival l want s to get you the exposure your projects deserve. TOP Winners will get the chance at distribution through our team. 

Seminars, networking events, parties and more will be taking place throughout the festival a well as Red Carpet Photo Ops and Interviews.  There will be a major networking event at which we will provide entertainment and performances by our Music Video Selections and Celebs. 

The Festival will wrap up with a Black-Tie Dinner and Award Show. Certificates and/or Trophies will be awarded to the TOP winners in their designated categories.